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Lals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in PakistanLals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in PakistanLals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in Pakistan

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About the Founder

Lal’s dream began as a child. Her favourite childhood story was “Hansel and Gretel” and the best part in it for her was the house made of chocolate. She grew up day dreaming about owning her own house of chocolate one day. This dream became reality (well sort of!) when she started her own luxury chocolate company Lals.

Lal is a powerhouse of inspiration. A maestro of all things delicious, she continues to be the heart and soul of the brand, the one person with whose energy and passion the brand continues to scale new heights. She has imbued a sense of hard work and creativity into the concept of Lals and wholeheartedly adopts the mantra that nothing is impossible. There is no challenge that sets her back, she simply stays at it with her customary smile and dedication. The brand Lals is simply a personification of her in every way, from the love and passion to the hard work and commitment every team member puts into each product.

In 2006, Lal with her love for chocolate and skills as a floral designer, opened her first chocolate shop in prestigious Zamzama, Karachi. It has been 14 years since and the Lals brand is well recognized nationwide for its top notch chocolates, pastries and freshly made gelato. Following a philosophy of celebrating life and its beauty, Lal is determined in her pursuit of sweet perfection and is an inspiration to chocolate and pastry aficionados.

Lals is a luxury chocolate brand. Edible masterpieces, Lals chocolates are handmade from the finest chocolate blends. We have established a name that is synonymous with excellence. We pride ourselves in the flair of all our creations and in the experience that we provide for all of our customers. We are also constantly innovating and are well reputed in corporate gifting and provide year round gifting ideas to Pakistan’s top companies. Our edge besides our fine chocolates is our beautiful packaging that can also be tailor made for our clients.

There’s love involved, and that’s what makes the difference. From presentation to first bite, each element of a Lals gift-box is hand-crafted with painstaking care and consideration. That’s why Lals has become key to so many thoughtful exchanges, joyful declarations, special occasions and countless celebrations.

Lals patisserie was borne out of Lal Majid’s passion for all things delicious. At Lals we realized how much we loved bringing joy into people’s lives through high quality chocolate made with fresh and authentic premium ingredients. Our fans and customers wanted us to expand our offerings and we knew we wanted to be an even bigger part of their lives. We started as an intimate chocolate shop in prestigious Zamzama, and have come a long way to a flagship multi story Patisserie on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz.

Here at the Lals Patisserie, customers can choose from an array of sweet and savory concepts. This intimate patisserie serves customers premium Italian style gelato made fresh daily as well as well as waffles and crepes. Our coffee bar serves a wide range of hot and iced coffees made from Raazlife’s freshly roasted Arabica beans. We are proud supporters of this local roastery that has made a custom blend for us. Aside from the wide range of chocolates normally on display, this patisserie offers a selection of hand made fresh pastries such as eclairs, cakes, cookies, assorted cupcakes, brownies, freshly baked breads and croissants; all made in our kitchen under Lal Majid’s supervision.

Freshly made small batch gelato

Our gelato kitchen is well under 300 square feet, small but highly efficient as it churns out about 5 liters at a time nearly all day. It is run by a small team which consists of Lal Majid, two gelato makers and their small batch ice cream machines. We produce everything in house; this includes baking dark chocolate American brownies that go into our Coffee fudge Brownie, we infuse fresh mint leaves (sourced from our local farms) in milk and cream for our Mint Chocolate Flakes flavor. We even use our own chocolate blend in our famous kinder white chocolate flavour. We are obsessed with quality!

All our gelato offerings have the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on. Our strawberries and nuts are grown in the beautiful Swat Valley, vanilla paste sourced from Madagascar and our chocolate gelato is made using 70% dark chocolate from Barry Callebaut. We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients we can, locally as much as possible, as well as from around the world. Our gelato is free from artificial preservatives or flavors, and contains absolutely no harmful additives.

Our mission is to bring you joy with each delicious bite.


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