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Lals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in PakistanLals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in PakistanLals - Chocolate and Gifting Brand in Pakistan

Show Stopper Basket

Our Newly launched Show Stopper Basket makes the perfect gift for t...

PKR 10,950

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Grand Gesture

Why settle for an ordinary gift when you can make a Grand Gesture? ...

PKR 15,900

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Shadi Mubarak Hamper

A curated & bespoke Leather Hamper is a perfect gifting choice ...

PKR 11,900

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Rasmalai Bar

An ode to our rich heritage & a very popular Pakistani dessert. Th...

PKR 1,000

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Classic Teal (9 Pcs)

Our signature classic teal box is an elegant, sophisticated g...

PKR 1,800

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Shalimar Teal (9 Pcs)

The Shalimar Teal Box is inspired by the intricate patterns and des...

PKR 2,100

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Shalimar Box (16 Pcs)

The Shalimar box is a stunning piece of art that is inspired by our...

PKR 3,250

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Tropique (12 Pcs)

An exotic keepsake box with gold accents on a sea of tropical leave...

PKR 2,500

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Art Deco Box (9 Pcs)

Inspired by the timeless decorative art of the 1920's - this keepsa...

PKR 2,000

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Classic Gold Leather Box (20 Pcs)

Enjoy luxurious, fresh, handmade chocolates in this sophisticated 20pc...

PKR 5,000

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Marble Chocolate Platter KHI & LHR Only

A marble tray filled with 65-70 pieces of delicious Lals classic ch...

PKR 18,150

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Chocolate Gold Platter

An acrylic gold tray with a beautiful handle, full of fresh and delici...

PKR 19,900

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Glass Chocolate Platter

A glass tray full of delicious Lals classic c...

PKR 18,000

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Classic Gold (12 Pcs)

Our classic gold box wrapped with our beautiful gorss grain "Eid Mu...

PKR 2,650

التسوق السريعالتسوق السريع

Milk Chocolate Cake - KHI ONLY

Love has four letters, and so does cake. One of our top sellers! It...

PKR 3,500

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Triple-Layer Chocolate Cake - KHI ONLY

A cake made with three types of premium chocolate is the ultimate t...

PKR 4,600

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Embrace the spirit of togetherness and indulge in an array of mouthwatering traditional treats that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of this festive season.

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