Chocolate Bon Bons
Our collection of rich and innovative flavors handmade with love by chocolatier Lal Majid
Mint Ganache
Dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint dipped in dark chocolate
Nuts and Raisins
Nuts, raisins and pistachios coverd with intense dark chocolate
Salted Caramel
Salted caramel sauce infused with dark chocolate
Hazel Nut
Roasted hazelnut with milk chocolate ganche enveloped in milk chocolate couverture
Rich marzipan filling enrobed in a dark chocolate couverture
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate
White Chocolate Truffle
White chocolate ganache enrobed in white chocolate
Coconut infused white ganche coverd with a milk chocolate couverture
Crushed Nougat and almond crunch enveloped in milk chocolate
Roasted almond enveloped by a praline ganache coated in milk chocolate
Roasted pistachio covered in intense dark chocolate
Classic Chocolates
Our original collection of wrapped chocolates in timeless flavors loved by all
Milk choocolate and finely ground roasted hazelnut with light sprinkling of rice crispies
Praline Crepe
A dark chocolate shell with thin crushed crepes in a smooth praline cream
Cappuccino and creamy notes in a milk chocolate shell
Petit Noisette
Smooth hazelnut paste in a milk chocolate shell
Au Liat
Rich milk chocolate
White Almond
Milk chocolate shell with white gianduja and two whole almond pieces
Coconut Fondant
Creamy coconut fondant in a milk chocolate shell
Milk chocolate praline with a chewy soft caramel filling
A blend of milk chocolate, roasted almonds and sugar
Crushed thin crapes coated with rich milk chocolate
Petit Gateau
Crispy biscuit bathed in milk chocolate
Almond Roche
Almond pieces in rich milk chocolate
Almond Croquant
A dark chocolate disc with caramelized almond bits
Rich milk chocolate centered with a plump hazelnut
Crunch Croquant
Crunchy peanut croquant and caramel bits in milk chocolate
Gianduja Noir
Dark chocolate shell filled with gianduja paste
Milk Neapolitan
Creamy milk chocolate Neapolitan
Decadent dark chocolate Neapolitan
Mint Neapolitan
Smooth milk chocolate Neapolitan accented with mint
Sugar Free Chocolate
Perfect for diabetics and the health conscious; plain sugar-free chocolate
Coeur De Chocolate
Scrumptious milk chocolate hearts
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